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Sidmouth Stompers - All you need for the workshops

Tunebook Versions:

Downloadable PDF's below.

Each tune has been prerecorded for you to listen, so you can hear what it should sound like & learn from listening too. The music player (to the side of this text) also allows you to download the MP3's, so you can play them even when you're not connected to the internet.

Concert pitch tunebook is for instruments that don't need to transpose normally; for example, violin, flute, whistle, melodeon.

B flat tunebook is for instruments that have to play a tone higher; for example, clarinet or trumpet.

Eflat tunebook is for instruments that have to play a minor third lower; for example, Alto Saxophone.

The Alto clef tunebook is only for those select instruments that use the alto clef, most notably Viola.

The F tunebook is only really for French Horn.

Bass Clef instruments are often the instruments playing the first note of each chord as a bassline.
Bass clef instruments include the Cello and the Tuba. This tunebook is available here: